Exquisite handmade, nut free, finest quality Belgian chocolates,

made to order in the UK.

I'm Yvonne, and i'm the Founder of Berkleys Nut Free Chocolates.

When my son was diagnosed with a Nut Allergy, I was shocked at the amount of food which was labelled “Contains Nuts” or “May Contain Nut traces”. At Christmas time or Easter, I found that there were no quality chocolate alternatives available for my son and consequently, for the family to have in our home. The nut-free chocolate that was available was tasteless, pale in colour and distinctly un-indulgent! It was almost impossible to find treats or chocolate that the whole family could enjoy…

Having worked in fine-dining as a Chef, I have also cooked for children with many different food allergies. I know, not only the dangers, but the frustrations of not being able to find suitable food alternatives, so I formed Berkleys to provide a solution within the chocolate market. 


I use the finest Belgian (nut free) chocolate and produce quality, delicious and indulgent chocolates, that can be kept in the house with peace of mind. My chocolate is made to order, which can take a few days to create, but it also means you are getting fresh chocolate straight to your door!

As of August 2019, we are very proud to announce that Berkleys chocolates are now 100% coconut free, meaning they are safe for coconut allergy sufferers too!

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Yvonne Burke t/as Berkleys Nut Free Chocolates

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